industrial appraisal and auction company.

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Tauber  Arons Co. has over one hundred years experience in the auction and  appraisal business and we take pride in our reputation for delivering
top dollar for our clients at auction. Tauber Arons Co. is a fourth  generation auctioneering and liquidator firm specializing in heavy  industrial machinery and equipment liquidations.

With  over 110 years of experience specializing in industrial auctions and  appraisals, Tauber Arons Co is respected and well trusted in the  industry.
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We are the standard in the industry.

Tauber  Arons Co. is an industrial appraisal and auction company that was  founded in 1892. We are an auctioneering company who prides itself on it superior customer service and can successfully handle your appraisal and auction needs no
matter whether you are a large or small company.

Tauber  Arons Co is well accepted by numerous Attorneys, CPA's, Leasing Co., Banks and many other lending institutions for liquidation of industrial  and business equipment.

Tauber-Arons  auction co. conducts auctions and appraisals as a respected  auctioneering firm through out the United States. These auctions
typically contain items from Machine Shops, Fabricating Shops,  Industrial plants, Wood Industry, Food Processing, Trucking, and
Construction Equipment.

Through  the years we have helped lending institutions, both local and nation-wide, liquidate equipment, turning distressed assets into cash by
means of a public auction. We have also conducted appraisals for  equipment needing to be financed, business acquisitions, selling of
equipment, and ownership separations.

By  working closely and understanding our clients needs Tauber Arons Co has
become an auctioneering institution in the business community.
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